Tony Garnett (1936 – 2020)

Tony Garnett made so many of the films and TV programmes that brought ordinary people’s lives to wider notice, in a way that had a…

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All the Films of Studio Ghibli, Ranked

From the New York Times. Some of my favourite movies from an incredible studio. “When the New York Times’s chief film critics ranked the best…

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Totoro’s Creator’s Favourite Children’s Books

HAYAO MIYAZAKI’S FAVOURITE CHILDREN’S BOOKS A small thrill ran through me when I saw that one of the books on Miyazaki’s list is Swallows and Amazons. …

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Frank Langella

  I have fallen for Frank.  He speaks with quavering deliberation, as though he settling on the thought as the words form. He is riveting as…

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High-Rise: J.G.Ballard’s Moral Challenge

There’s a film of High Rise being made, and that is a very good thing, if it brings to light and to readers more of Ballard’s work….

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Homeland. Why Still?

Homeland lost me when Carrie started her affair with Brody.  It stopped being convincing , but somehow, I am now sitting here watching episode two…

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Mandy Patinkin Speaks for Himself

In a gossipy article on Death and Taxes ( about actors no one likes to work with, all the other stories were rumors from others,…

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Trainwreck opens Friday in US

So the papers are full of Amy Schumer again.  LFD.  Is a thing now. New York Times  The Guardian Share This:

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Last night watched Gravity with Alane and Jared.  It was good, and the creation of tension in a drama that goes from a two-hander down…

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The Wind Rises

Saw the latest Miyazaki film last night, with Jared and his friend Hannah.  It is as beautiful as his films often are, just watching sequences…

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