Music: Improvisation Books

​Morris, Joe. Perpetual Frontier. Fewell, Garrison. Outside Music Inside Voices. Share This:

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Robyn Hitchcock 11/13/19

Robyn Hitchcock stopped by the Paste office in Atlanta to talk to studio chief Andrew Barkau and play us a few songs, including a rendition…

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Enzology (podcast)

Link to the original podcasts on RNZ website Share This:

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End of the (Split) Enz: Farewell Tour

The final tour “Enz with a Bang” Share This:

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Split Enz Documentaries

I just spent two weeks writing posts about the career of this amazing band, and along the way, I found these two documentaries about the…

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John Cale Interview

I have loved John Cale‘s music for a long time.  Not quite sure where it began, although I remember his cover of Pablo Picasso that…

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