Jeremy’s Job Hunt 2013

The next stage approaches.  First of all, all of you who I think of as my friends, and who I hope think of me as  your friend, will remain my friends, at least from my point of view, but according to all the advice, you are also now my network.  My network who might one day in some way increase my net worth.  I am linking to this on FB and Twitter, so you are already following me in those worlds, but if you are in another world, please follow, friend or connect with me on Linked In.

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I have actually read a whole book called The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success.  Honestly, I read all of it.  It’s quite useful, if you need to use LinkedIn, which apparently I do.  If you don’t need to use LinkedIn leave well alone.  There’s no catharsis, although I would like to find one by getting a job, of course.

I am working on my LinkedIn profile now.  Give it a day or so, and then check it out, if you like and tell me what you think, endorse me if you are on Linked in or give me a recommendation.

Enough for now. Thoughts?

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Author: Jeremy Solomons

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