The Hacking of America – Jill Lepore –

Given all the empty positive talk that we are fed on a daily basis, and given all the lies and generalizations, it seems like the…

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Sarah Manguso

Check out, Sarah Manguso.  Her website lists her books, and connects to lots of her articles.  Is what she does “prose poetry”? Probably.  But it…

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Kaizen Aplied to Writing

Sarah Manguso: “The Japanese term kaizen translates literally to improvement, but it’s a term that has come to mean gradual, continuous improvement of a piece of collaborative…

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The Age of Anger byPankaj Mishra

It is more than time for all of us to think about the flaws in the worlds we believe in, the worlds we are trying to…

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RIP Robert M. Pirsig

ZatAMM meant a whole lot to me.  I still haven’t figured out how well the philosophy holds up, but it inspired me when I became…

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Nat Hentoff (1925 -2017)

Nat Hentoff, who described himself as a lower case “l” libertarian and “a Jewish, atheist, civil liberatarian, left-wing, prolifer” died on Saturday.  A contrarian on…

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Beginning Spinoza

You have to begin somewhere.  And as part of my research I have looked at several of these in the past weeks. Check out this…

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Longreads Longreads posts links to new stories every day — they include long-form journalism, magazine stories from your favorite publications (The New Yorker, Esquire, The Atlantic), short stories,…

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Longform Recommends new and classic non-fiction from around the web. Share This:

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The Gospel According to Me

A dyspeptic but useful discussion of modern day belief. Share This:

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