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This is my personal space, and the title comes from an idea comes from my zoology teacher at U.C.S., Robin Jenks.  He taught us about the biology of boundary communities, such as sea shores, where two ecosystems meet and cross over into one another, and in my work as a botanist in Germany. I learned about Zaun plant communities which grow in the areas between two more distinct communities. These are places with the characteristics of the two bordering communities, but a distinct character of their own  This seemed then and seems now to tie in with the fact that I live in a country I did not grow up in, that I love folk-rock, jazz-rock, translation, and I feel that the middle ground is not where anything goes, or we all get along, but it is where you can see the conflicts and be where they are.  It is in these spaces that traditions change into something new.

I am the artist amongst the administrators, the organizer amongst the artists, the scientist in the creative world, a creator in the science world, technologist with the Luddites, and a realist amongst the technophiles.

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  1. Hi Jeremy, my husband went to UCS and remembers Robin Jenks vert well. Do you know what ever happened to him?
    My husband has just written a book about the years he spent at UCS.

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