Populism and the Elite

All this shouting about how life is not what it used to be–Trump and the “Out” campaigners in the UK–appeals to voters who feel they have lost the most in recent years. Thesevoters are people who the elite–big business and governments, liberal and conservative–have ignored. and who are ready to blame immigrants or the EU for their plight.  The result of Brexit will hurt us all, including the establishment who serve and are the investors and leaders of industry who have created these conditions.

But the leaders of this “populist” movement are not the voters who are suffering, but fairground politicians who are making hay out of the misery and playing on it for their own ends of power or money.  They don’t care.  However having stirred up the hatred, they may well have to take it on, and may well end up encouraging darker acts that echo the 1930s.  I don’t think they are true believers–they are chancers. But why do the people who are voting for these chancers and giving them this status not realise that these men (mostly) are not their friends?

On top of this, the chancers are on the fringes of the mainstream establishment of our society. They have made hay from an establishment, who have done nothing to spread the wealth, but done all they can to hoard it to themselves and now are horrified that voters are turning against them.

Neither side is much use to most of us.  Sure most of us have jobs and earn enough to meet our needs, but all this publicity all this hand-wringing will do nothing to help unless people actually start figuring out what they need and voting for that and not just sucking up the dross that is being doled out by other rich people who have no interest in changing anything to help the majority any more than the establishment has done.

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Author: Jeremy Solomons

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