Owl Service Review from The Wire

12469524_1026977214014656_8172333081996909945_oFavourite new adventurous folk band, The Owl Service, named after a favourite book bywire-march a favourite author. Album review in the latest issue of The Wire.  The Wire meant so much to me early on as a music fan.  After a more homemade magazine, which might have been called Impetus (I can’t seem to track it down)  went away, (It used to be sold at gigs in London), The Wire appeared with many of the same writers.

This is what the band said on their Facebook page: longed for a Wire review since day one, shame that when we finally get one it’s a bit crap. Funny how so often people don’t view your work the same way you do. Thank fuck they don’t use star ratings…

Owl Service

Another article about The Owl Service from Goldmine magazine

The Owl Service webpage called The Pattern Beneath the Plough

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Author: Jeremy Solomons

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