It’s Not Easy Being You: If Asked Deny then Attack (The Republican Debate)

calvin_hobbes_ponderLast night in the Republican debate, Senator Cruz and others attacked “The Media” when they were asked direct questions about things they have said and done. Most of us don’t ever run for office, because the last thing we want is every single thing we have said or done thrown in our faces on National television, but these men and one woman who are asking to be elected president of the United States, can’t handle it either.  When Trump is quoted, when Carson is told he supports a particular supplement, they deny the content of the question, even though it is demonstrably sub it, and then attacks the questioner. It’s weak and sad.  all politicians do it, and we usually let them.  I don’t think the media is great, and they certainly sometimes twist and turn the truth, sometimes don’t report the full story, some of them even make things up, but last night, the CNBC presenters were really doing quite a decent job. Surely the president of the united states can answer a few uncomfortable questions without attacking the questioner.

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Author: Jeremy Solomons

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