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Bernadr kopsI have always meant to keep this blog up to date, and have always failed, despite that, in the process of not keeping up to date with my own project, I have learned an enormous amount about the using the internet for communication and for work.  I use Twitter and Facebook for work, for my volunteer work and for myself.

A few weeks ago I had a fantastic week curating @wethehumanities, a great Twitter feed (and now website and Facebook page) that was set up by two fellow University of Reading PhD students, Jessica Sage and Kristina West. The idea is “designed to spread the diversity and value of the humanities.” and with their inspiration, I am working on a companion site that was called It’s OK to be an English Major, but is now Arts and Humanities Action which I never planned to have such a good acronym (AHA).  I also have a blog that I started where I began writing about books Writing About Reading.

At the same time, I am job and working on my PhD thesis.  For the my thesis on Anglo-Jewish Drama, my current work is on the playwright, novelist, poet and memoirist, Bernard Kops–see photo–who I had the honour to meet and spend time with last time I was over in England.  I started websites to go along with my research https://anglojewishliterature2.wordpress.com/ along with a more informal blog J Lit from an Anglo Angle both connect with my academic Twitter feed @anglojewishlit and a FB page on the same topic.  I am really excited about my research and moving on with it.

In some ways it would be easier to work on everything if I knew what I was doing for work, and although I have a couple of good opportunities that came up this week, I am still actively looking for what I will do next.  I am excited that I have the skills to do a lot of things, and I could stay “home” in a college or arts non-profit or I could spread out into a new area–I had three weeks at a very friendly venture capital company last month, and although I had never done anything like that before it was really interesting.

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Author: Jeremy Solomons

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