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Jared-a Human of BHSThe latest edition of The Sagamore, the Brookline High School newspaper has an article about Jared taking dance classes at the school, and so I went to the website and found some other references to him.

Here are the ones I found:
Junior Jared Shanks is the only male student in his intermediate modern/jazz dance class. Shanks said he thinks there is a stigma attached to dance, which is why so few boys take it.   Read more...http://thesagonline.com/2014/02/gender-imbalances-minimally-affect-courses/

Senior Jared Shanks, who also took Intermediate Dance last year, said that really valued her way of teaching.

“It was the first dance class I took [in the high school],” Shanks said. “But in the ones I started taking afterwards, I haven’t quite found the same ‘personalized yet able to teach everyone in the class at the same time’ that she was able to produce in her class.” Read more:http://thesagonline.com/2014/11/hernandez/

And an article he wrote himself:

I was a stripper this Halloween. I wore a bright green, sparkly vest. It was tight and short and showed a little stomach. It accentuated my chest, revealing enough to entice customers. I wore tight black leggings: like dress pants, but better on the butt.
Read more: http://thesagonline.com/2014/12/restrictive-dress-code-enforces-gender-inequality/

More about dance:

long thin legs, flouncy pink tutu and a perfectly slicked back bun.  For males, this commonly accepted stereotype of a ballet dancer could not be further from the truth. read more… Sagamore Boys in Ballet Defy Stereotype


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