Saturday Before July 4

No one has tried to shoot me around this holiday, yet, so here’s to another good year.  With Alane’s new job, we are thinking of how we need to redecorate the living room, which will mean my mess needs to move somewhere else.  I am listening to music suggested by young people I have been around–The Plain White T’s, so romantic, if self-pitying at times and Beach House.  It’s a very nice atmosphere, if not what I usually go for.  So much stuff, and dust, and unread articles, have to be recycled or moved to my new office, upstairs– layers of the years.  Found a photo of JG Ballard in front a painting by one of his favorite artists, Paul Delvaux.  I know that the rest of his house looks like my living room does today.

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Author: Jeremy Solomons

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